I woke up to some great news this morning. Luck of the Irish got to # 112 in the Kindle Store.
Now, I KNOW it’s due to a FREE PROMO but I’m celebrating it anyway. It got 2,045 downloads in a single day and that alone is quite an achievement for an indie book, in my opinion. However, I ALSO know I couldn’t have done it withour Rave Reviews Book Club’s help. You see, I joined the club a year ago but, aside from some reviews and tweets, I wasn’t a very active participant until last month for many reasons that had nothing to do with the Club.
Over the last thirty days, I volunteered for the Tweet Team (which has been an AWESOME experience, btw), became a Blog Tour Host, have participated in the tours as a visitor and as an author and – voilá! RRBC’s slogan came to life – SUPPORT others and you’ll be SUPPORTED because NONNIE received me for an interview on her famous SHELF AND the Governing Board received me with open arms. It’s as simple as that and that is the BEAUTY of this ethos.

Thank YOU, dear RRBC members for your invaluable supportive system. You are the safety net that allows me to dream of higher flights. 😀


Luck of the Irish: Complete Edition
Kindle Edition
  • ASIN: B00MS48JO0
  • Average Review: (23 reviews)
  • Current Sales Rank: #112 in Kindle Store

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