REVIEW JASON GREENFIELD'S BOOK 5 Stars - Gripping story brilliantly written This is a real page-turner not only for History buffs like myself but for all readers who like well-told stories. Once I started reading Forever Torn I couldn't put it down. When day job interfered with my leisure time, I had to force myself to … Continue reading


Good morning, everyone! I came across this very informative article about Amazon Rankings and HAD to share it with you. Although I already knew and have been using a couple of tips, this information is priceless. 😀 HAPPY READING Liz Using Categories to Drive Book Sales. by David Gaughran on May 14, 2013 in Book … Continue reading AMAZON RANKING TIPS

Rave Reviews Book Club

  The Club’s essential premise is that the most SUPPORTIVE members get to be SUPPORTED, which is a wonderfully fair idea. After all, this group of relentless people is the best one you can meet in the publishing business when it comes to Profiling, Promoting & Propelling fellow authors. JOIN TODAY & TELL THEM Liz Gavin SENT YOU

RRBC – REVIEW of Passion & Struggle by John Fioravanti

  Rave Reviews Book Club   5 STARS - Science-Fiction at its best I have to say first of all that I’m a huge fan of science-fiction and fantasy - both movies and books - so I’m accustomed to navigating new worlds. However, John Fioravanti made it quite effortless for any reader to understand the … Continue reading RRBC – REVIEW of Passion & Struggle by John Fioravanti