Aidan – Book 3 – Knight’s Edge Series


When temptation and danger collide, hold on to love

When Moira Romano’s cheating husband ran away, she got a job and set out to mend her shattered self-esteem. Between bartending in the best restaurant in town and raising two kids, she didn’t have time for romance, least of all with a charming Irishman, ten years her junior. So, she ignored the way her knees got weak every time Aidan came to Chez Nous or the way her heart fluttered when they locked eyes.

Aidan Gallagher took a vacation to visit the gorgeous coast of Brazil four years ago and never went back to grey Dublin. In the tropical country, he made new friends, started a rock band, and found love. Independent Moira had been burnt once too often to trust her own heart. Aidan needed to prove her wrong and his love right. All he needed was one chance, one night of passion to show her how much she meant to him.

Bob Mathias, the cheating ex, returning to demand a second chance was not in Aidan’s plans. Or Moira’s. Yet, when she found out Bob had secrets that put her kids in harm’s way, she didn’t have a choice. The hardest part would be letting go of Aidan, when her hot and passionate young lover decided he wouldn’t let go of her.

** Aidan is Book 3 in Knight’s Edge series, where each book is a standalone without cliffhangers. **





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