Anita @Make Time for Love

A true love story that stood the test of time. Or did it?

A silver locket will send her back in time.

A sexy rebel will steal her heart.

But can a woman rewrite history?


Anita – A heroine of two worlds

Anita Garibaldi, an eighteen-year-old Brazilian turned fierce fighter for freedom and justice. A heroine celebrated in Brazil and Italy, fighting countless battles beside her dashing Giuseppe Garibaldi, she was a woman ahead of her time. Or was she?

Ana Maria Ribeiro, a History grad student with a lifelong passion – unraveling the hundred-sixty-old mystery surrounding Anita’s death. Did Giuseppe strangle his wife? Was the fugitive couple ambushed by Austrian troops? Or did Anita die of natural causes?

An impossible deadline, multiple dead-end clues, and nothing to lose encourage Ana Maria to test the legends about an oval locket that Giuseppe had gifted Anita. The silver pendant, lost since Anita’s death, is said to possess magical powers.

Nobody knows what kind of powers, until Ana Maria unleashes them. Whisked back in time, Ana meets the seductive Giuseppe Garibaldi. Resisting the attraction means forfeiting a chance to live her ultimate fantasy. Can she pretend to be someone else? If she doesn’t go back to her own time, will Ana meet the same fate as Anita? Or will she rewrite History?

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