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Can an office fling get a happily ever after?


Carol Sullivan built a reputation as a cut-throat NYSE genius. Her opponents called her a witch. In fact, Carol was an alpha female in a profession dominated by unforgiving males. She kept her demons locked and her secrets hidden. Until a certain dark-haired assistant tempted her into breaking all her rules.
Mark Aikens graduated at the top of his MBA class, his rowing team undefeated. He grabbed a chance to intern at Horizon Inc. without hesitation. Working directly with the lady boss was a no-brainer. When her authoritative stance threatened to undo him, he knew he was in trouble.
Will a passionate one-night stand be enough for them? Can an office fling get a happily ever after?



“Anyway, I’m not looking for excuses, I want solutions. Ms. Sullivan is going to join us in a moment and we’ve got squat to show for as it is. You think she’ll be thrilled? Think again. I mean, you do know her, right?”
A contagious frisson spread around the room and Mark was not immune to it. The CEO and founder of Horizon Inc., Carol Sullivan, was nicknamed Wicked Witch of Wall Street for good reasons. She was a stock market high-roller whose opponents, and even a few colleagues, would frequently describe as cut-throat.
As if on cue, the door opened and Ms. Sullivan marched into the meeting room, personal assistant right on her heels carrying a pile of folders haphazardly stacked up in her arms. Mark felt sorry for Julie, the assistant, who sported a pair of suspicious looking tracks down her cheeks. Combined with a red nose and puffy eyes, the marks suggested a recent bout of crying. So recent, Julie didn’t have time to cover them up before following her boss inside a room packed full of her co-workers, leaving everyone’s imagination to fill in the blanks and work out her reasons for crying. Safest bets comprised anger, frustration and self-doubt. If he were a gambler, he would put his money on the last one.
Mark’s blood boiled at the unfairness of the situation. Nobody had the right to make another person cry, especially not in the work place, certainly not if one was the other person’s boss. His defiant gaze met Ms. Sullivan’s and his world tilted when he found himself on the receiving end of a once-over as he had never experienced before. He caught sight of a glint of appreciation in her brown eyes, but her no-nonsense expression, complemented by the stern-looking tight bun that tamed her red curls, prevented him from believing his eyes. His treacherous body didn’t get the message as it reacted to her self-confidence. The submissive in him connected to Ms. Sullivan’s authoritative presence in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. Probably never, if he were to be honest. Gone was the sympathy he just felt for Julie, substituted by envy. A person had a chance to work close to a dynamo such as Carol, he or she should hang on to it and never let go.
Although that wasn’t the first time he crossed paths with Ms. Sullivan, after all they had been working in the same office for three years, it was the first time her blatantly dominant gaze was directed straight at him. Mark felt his knees go weak at the possibilities, but gave himself a mental slap on the forehead. He’d better wake up from that impossible daydream. Financial genius, lady boss on one hand. Stockbroker rookie, entry-level office staff, on the other. Not gonna happen, dude.

She rules the boardroom and the bedroom, but he makes her knees weak. 


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