Duke – Book 4 – Knight’s Edge Series


Royal and Snoopy make great bedfellows.

Ricardo Alcantara, lead singer of Knight’s Edge, had a secret that the band’s increasing popularity would eventually reveal. So, his great-grandmother decided he should marry an European heiress, before a gold-digger groupie claimed to be expecting his baby. The Brazilian royal family couldn’t afford that kind of scandal to smear their reputation.

Vanessa Foster, an American journalist covering Brazilian politics, rubbed some powerful people the wrong way. Now, she covered the music scene. Still, she recognized a good story when she saw one and Ricardo Alcantara, aka Duke, was a man with a great story. Not to mention abs and eyes and lips to go with it.

Despite their instant attraction, they decided to develop a solid friendship instead. Until one night of passion changed everything. In the aftermath, their lives turned upside down. Duke’s family pressured him to announce the wedding. Not willing to let go of the woman who stole his heart, Duke proposed to Vanessa. When Nessa began to receive life threats, she would have to turn down the man she loved to save his life.

** Duke is Book 4 in Knight’s Edge series, where each book is a standalone without cliffhangers. **