Legends & Lore: A Mythology Multi-Genre Anthology


Enter the labyrinth of Legends and Lore and meet a host of notorious beings that will change the way you view the mythological world.

You know the names but you don’t know the incredible stories behind them. Minotaurs, descendants of monsters, demi-gods, and fantastic creatures, are just a few of the characters contained within these pages.

The Legends and Lore boxed set hosts an incredible 22 multi-genre stories featuring your favorite legends. With by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors!




B & N


220px-cassandra1You’ve certainly heard of Cassandra, Princess of Troy, but do you really know her? What if I told you her descendant and namesake met the same fate as the original Cassandra, when she defied Apollo? Well, that’s my contribution to Legends & Lore, this amazing anthology about past and present myths.

In my story, Cassie is a nineteen-year-old living in the twenty-first century who has no clue to the fact that her family tree traces back to the last rulers of  the ill-fated city of Troy. She finds that out in the most naughty yet dangerous way. Falling in love with an immortal being is not for the faint of heart, but standing up to a revengeful Olympian god will take all that she’s got.


Cassie’s Curse

Apollo wants her. How can she refuse?

Making love to an Olympian God can be a blessing or a curse. To Cassie Ilion, it is both. Apollo takes her breath away, but can a girl get her happily ever after with an immortal? Naïve Cassie believes she can. Until she gets educated.

Meanwhile, deceit and treason put her family business in the crossfire in an old battle with the Danaa brothers. Business rivals hellbent on bringing her father, Troy Ilion, to his knees, Manny, A. G. and Jax will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Not even using Cassie.

When Apollo’s betrayal shatters her heart and threatens her family, Cassie cannot forgive him for what he did. She kicks him out of her bed, without weighing the consequences. Enraged, the vengeful deity curses her.

Let down and lonely, Cassie doesn’t know where to turn, but Aphrodite comes to her aid. Can she trust a supernatural being again? Or is she just another pawn in the endless chess game the Olympians play?





B & N



(Steamy scene alert)

Cassie moved the chair to an angle where the surveillance cameras wouldn’t catch her. She didn’t want to flash the security team when she got rid of her top, a habit she had picked up when she lived in Europe. She hated tan lines showing under the spaghetti straps of her summer dresses.

She unhooked the top and threw it inside the bag before lying on her stomach and hiding her face under the large hat from the warmth of the sun. Her long brown curls were tied up in a bun on top of her head, so she needn’t worry they would be damaged. She sunbathed for a while, keeping thoughts of looming finals and paper deadlines away from her mind.

Feeling her skin scorched, she rolled on her back, fished the phone out of the bag and peeked at its screen. Frowning, she confirmed it was a little past nine. Surprised the sun’s rays felt so hot that time of the day, she decided to reapply sunscreen just in case.

When Cassie’s hands reached her large breasts, she cupped them and pushed them up, rolling the nipples between her fingers until they jutted up and pierced her palms. She knew the security cameras wouldn’t catch her, but felt naughty for fondling herself in the open. The novelty felt exhilarating and liberating.

She braced her feet on the lounge chair and arched her back as pleasure began to build in her core. Her sex tingled and a strangled moan escaped her lips. As if they were fiery fingers, the hot rays of the sun penetrated her through the thin fabric of her bikini bottom. She let her knees fall to the side, welcoming the sun inside her body as her hands caressed her flat stomach and the warmth traveled deeper inside her. She cupped her folds and bit her lower lip when her palm touched the wetness on the bikini.

She dropped her head back, eyes closed, as the first waves of an orgasm hit her. Could the warmth of the sun do that to a woman? Her brainpower was engaged in the delicious sensations sweeping through her, so the question went unanswered. It didn’t matter when her muscles contracted and distended in the most explosive orgasm she had ever experienced. Multiple times.

The series of releases seemed to go on forever, but they eventually ebbed and Cassie felt her body slipping into blissful numbness. At that moment, she heard a faint whisper, a male voice, but she didn’t understand what he said. She dragged her eyelids up to look around the pool area.

Nobody in sight.

If she weren’t feeling so damn good, she would have panicked. Probably. Then again, maybe not. The house was a virtual fortress. There was no way someone could have broken into it. Her mind was playing tricks on her, but she was too sated, too listless to care either way. She snoozed and dreamed the sun had turned into a gorgeous man who made her toes curl and her body vibrate with pleasure like she had never known.