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I was already so excited to host April Adams but when I got the email with her information, pictures and post I was ecstatic! She writes awesome fantasy books – my favorite kind – looks like my youngest niece and posted about a movie featuring David Tennant who’s one of my favorite actors!


Please help me welcome RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR, April Adams!!




Taking a Lesson from The Decoy Bride



One of my favorite movies is The Decoy Bride. I don’t want to give away the plot, so I’ll try to stick to the point. David Tennant’s character is the author of a very pretentious book called The Ornithologist’s Wife, set on a tiny island called Hegg in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.  He’s super famous because of it.

The problem is that he’d never been to Hegg to research! He Googled the whole thing. Nobody but the people familiar with Hegg knew anything was amiss, but it was cheaper than their toilet paper, so they got some use out of it.

I don’t want to be like that. One of my new books is set in Colorado. I’ve been once, twelve years ago, and that just isn’t good enough. So, I’m going to Denver in June to do a few days of research. Yes, it will cost money. No, I haven’t cleared a profit on my published books. I am super excited to go, even so.

It’s the difference between reading about how to drive and actually driving. I’m doing the back-work right now, finding out what I need to do and see while I’m there to be effective. There’s something about the culture of a place, the vibe, that can only be felt in person. I’m looking forward to becoming familiar with that vibe and translating it into my books.

So, take a lesson with me from The Decoy Bride. Don’t be a Google only author! Authenticity is as important as accuracy.

April Adams 

Good profile pic

Her story so far

April was born and raised in Magnolia, TX. Since she was five she’s wanted to leave Texas – no offence to Texans – but she longs to live in the cool Pacific Northwest or better yet, the UK – Scotland in particular. 

While other kids were out partying and getting in trouble she was at home watching The Vicar of Dibley, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances and more. When the BBC Narnia series came on she would dance with glee.

She wrote her first screenplay at the age of fifteen, and as an adult she killed it with fire. It was horrible! She wrote a second screenplay but lost it. That’s probably for the best. Since then though, she’s suffered a massive case of writer’s block that persisted for fifteen years.

In her early adulthood she struggled, unable to finish high school or even think about college, she just tried to survive. She’d always been clever though, she could read before Kindergarten and made excellent grades all through school. She would have had an advanced degree with honors had life been kind to her.

Even with no education she managed to make a way for herself in the working world. She eventually married and fulfilled her dream of becoming a housewife. Then she got the news that she was expecting a bundle of joy, and when Eli came into the world, she became a stay at home mom.

That did not suit. Her brain started turning to mush. A story started swimming around, characters flitted in and out of pre-sleep dreams. Still, they were just a jumble of things – not a story.

It wasn’t until she saw the BBC’s The Hollow Crown that the pieces all fell together. It was during the wooing of Catherine scene. That wink and the words, “The elder I wax, the better I shall appear,” made all the disjointed pieces fall together suddenly. She immediately started writing.

The story begins with book one – Shattered.



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