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What inspires you to write? Is there a person or something else that drives you to write?

Well, different things or people will do something in front of me and a story will start unfolding in my head. I really never know when it is going to happen, but it is always out of the blue. However, the last idea that has sprung up was due to the fact that I am going to be a dad.

Tell us about your work area. Do you have a place that is sectioned off and only for your writing like a little office or cave of some sort?

Actually, in the spring, summer, and even the fall I move all my writing out onto my enclosed balcony. It reminds me of the camp I used to go to as a kid –  outside my window is a small wooded area – and you cannot even tell I live in the middle of a European city when looking out the balconies window. In the winter, I move into the warmer area of the apartment, but miss my balcony time a lot. My chinchilla likes to spend time on my shoulder as I write; I have no idea, but inside the apartment he doesn’t spend so much time with me and my works.

Do you plot out your stories before writing them down?

The story unfolds for me and I spend no time on the plot. Sometimes I will need to do some research if it is something in the past or some technical field I am not up to par on, but other than that the story is like a movie in my head and I just write it down as I see it.

Do your characters ever takeover and steer you into an unplanned direction?

Adela did, because the first book in the series was really more about Gala and John, but her character shined so much I had to write the prequel to the trilogy about her, which in turn, made Choices more about the wicked love triangle that steamed up.

What are some things you need to be able to write?

I need to be left alone by people or it can stop my flow. Usually, I am listening to music or a video on one screen and writing my book on another monitor.  I good cup of coffee or something like it.

What is the hardest part of being a writer?

Wondering what book I should write. I have a waiting list of books in my head, but I can only write so fast.  There are times I wonder if I should rewrite a part just due to thinking there is a better way of writing it down. The same scene can be written a million ways, but what way will portray it as you want?

Do you prefer working under a deadline?

I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I work better under pressure.

Is there going to be any additions to your trilogy?

There is actually three more in the planning: One of them will be a look into  Adela’s Lost Guardian, the continuation from Choices, and one that is really a spin off that could stand alone; it will show how the Order of Hunters got started, so the vampires will all be written as evil beings.

What is something you strive to do in your writing?

To write stories that people identify with. I also hope to take some people down a road that they had never thought of before.




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J.L McFadden was born in  Pennsylvania and spent his life bouncing around the States until beginning to travel the world. Starting out he was a well-known musician in upstate New York that had a heavy playing schedule. Later he went back to his home state to work in the Lumber mills of the mountains. In California working in sales, management and even directed a small moving company until deciding to see the world. His travels around the world have allotted him to not only join an International Aikikai Aikido Federation, but have trained with Sanseis from Belgium, Ukraine, Russia and other European countries. He accounts his journeys and meeting of new people to his broad character types in his books.


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While still doubled over, picking up a book, Adela stated with a sultry voice, “One of these days, I am going to make you deliver on all of those promised ideas, running through your head when you watch me.” She had a playful sound to her voice with her smile, telling that fulfilling his dreams was not out of the question.








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